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Typical Period Woods


  oak, pine, walnut, ash, cherry, hickory, elm

William and Mary  walnut, maple, veneer, oak, sometimes beech

Queen Anne  mainly walnut, mahogany after 1730, oak, pine, ash, cherry, walnut veneer

Chippendale  mostly mahogany, walnut, cherry, maple

Adam  mahogany, satinwood, harewood, sycamore, kingwood, rosewood, amboyna, pearwood

Duncan Phyfe  almost exclusively mahogany, some rosewood

Hepplewhite  mahogany, satinwood veneer, sycamore, maple, amboyna, poplar, boxwood

Sheraton  mahogany, satinwood, golden satinwood, tulipwood, rosewood, ebony

Federal  mahogany was the wood of choice, supplemented with poplar and white pine, variation in use of wood indicates US made.  Other woods include tulip, pine, poplar, birch, maple, bird's eye maple, rosewood, satinwood

American Directory  walnut, mahogany, oak, cherry plus exotic woods for inlaying

American Empire  mahogany, oak, pine, maple, hickory, ash and a variety of fruit woods

Victorian Louis XV  black walnut, rosewood

Other Victorian  pine, rosewood, oak, walnut, maple