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Furniture Feet

These are not exclusive.  They are the most commonly seen.


- ball, scroll, bun

William and Mary - ball, bun, Spanish, stile, scroll

Queen Anne - claw and ball, pad, hoof, club, trifid, straight bracket, eagle's claw, lion's paw, Spanish

Chippendale - claw and ball, ogee bracket, pad, straight bracket. scroll, leaf scroll, hairy paw, block, spade, leaf, dolphin, Spanish, trifid

Adam - small molded, spade

Hepplewhite - spade, French bracket, straight bracket, castors, stile, snake, leaf scroll, scroll

Sheraton - fluted, reeded, spade, castors, French bracket, ball, straight bracket, block, ogee bracket, leaf, scroll

Federal - spade, castors, ball, brass feet, fluted, reeded

American Empire - hairy paw, castors, animal, spade, ball, claw and ball

Duncan Phyfe - hairy paw, scroll, castors, paw, ball, block, brass paw, eagle head, French bracket, spade, ogee bracket

Victorian Spool - ball, scroll, castors

Victorian Louis XV - gadrooned

Victorian Gothic - block, castors, straight bracket, scroll, trefoil, stub

Victorian Cottage - straight bracket, ogee bracket, castors

Victorian Renaissance - castors, block, hoof, paw, ball

Victorian Eastlake - straight bracket, castors, block, stub

Victorian Golden Oak - paw

Victorian Arts & Crafts - spade, stub, straight bracket, gadrooned, ball, ogee bracket

   Claw and Ball



 Straight Bracket

Straight Bracket